Friday, October 19, 2007

What A Gift

While the opportunity arose for me to get a locket, Mom got one too.
She has 2 gold lockets, one is tiny & from when she was a little girl. I do not know if there is anything in it. My Granny gave it to her. The other one, Danny gave to her for Christmas one year. It has two pictures in it. One of Mom & the other of Danny.
She was really excited to get this new one. I think because she got to personalize it with her favorite scripture Isaiah 40:31. And also have a newer photo of her & Danny put in it.

She had her locket engraved with the scripture on the front.

How sweet! Aren't they cute?

This is the picture she used.

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Shionge said...

Yes I think it is wonderful to have one of this and so special too :D